Love Series: Watch His Actions

You Must Work to Win a Lady’s Heart

Ladies, have you ever looked back and remembered those guy who jumped through hoops to get your attention? Some times it’s good to look back and remember, even if it was just last month. But recently I was looking back to when I was attending this church when I was living in NY. The church was in a nearby commuter state.

The Pastor of the church was single and gorgeous and every woman in the church seemed to want him. But he was very much interested in me and he showed it with his actions. I have to chuckle because every time I came home from church I had a story to tell. The man was wooing me as much as he could as the pastor of the church.

I’ve got about 50 stories, but I remember so well how I traveled to hear him preach in New Jersey and in true New York fashion, I travelled via the train etc. I ended up having to take a cab to the church and when I called for directions to the church, he told me he would pay for the cab. Okay, maybe not such a big deal, but what happened was the person who had the money was not waiting at the door so I just paid for the cab and thought I would allow him to reimburse me later.

Well, I was not ready for what happened next. As I entered the lobby of the church and began to come in the door (I was late and he was already preaching) he stopped mid-sermon and proceeded to ask me about the money. Well, stunned and embarrassed because the ENTIRE church was looking at me, I choked telling him that I had laid the money out. Everybody was watching and I hurried to my seat. After the service, he handed me a huge wad of money and his actions spoke for themselves.

By this point the church was already hating on me because this was not the first time he had made such a big public fuss. The last time, he preached a sermon called “Esther is in the House” and singled me out in the middle of the message. Yes, it definitely got my attention.

Prior to me leaving the church for good, he did some hurtful things, like trying to make me jealous. He was trying to get me to move to that state that the church was in (where he lived) so I think he thought jealousy would motivate me. But using another woman does not make me jealous, it makes me back off all together. So I left the church. After I left the church for good and started attending my brothers church, one of the members sent word that had I not left I could have had him as my husband. So why didn’t it happen? Well God showed me some things in a dream and so He knows what is best.

I am sharing this because if a man really wants to get a woman’s attention, actions speak louder than words. Ladies, that is how you know it’s the real deal. Boaz is a provider and help and that is just the truth of the matter. Even though, I did not ultimately end up with that man, his actions showed me where his heart was.

I’ve laid out a series of “fleeces” to God about my future mate. Certainly, actions speak louder than words. When you see some action, you’ll know it’s real and he is the one.

Ruth 2:8-10

GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

Boaz Speaks With Ruth

Boaz said to Ruth, “Listen, my daughter. Don’t go in any other field to gather grain, and don’t even leave this one. Stay here with my young women. Watch where my men are reaping, and follow the young women in that field. I have ordered my young men not to touch you. When you’re thirsty, go to the jars and drink some of the water that the young men have drawn.”

10 Ruth immediately bowed down to the ground and said to him, “Why are you so helpful? Why are you paying attention to me? I’m only a foreigner.”