Yesterday, I started having the most vicious allergy attack ever. Growing up, my brothers would have to go and get shots for allergies, but not me. 😉 But suddenly as I have gotten older, every so often I have the worse attacks. sneezing 10 times in a row, all day.

It doesn’t happen that often and honestly I am baffled by why it’s happening now (meaning this time of the year) I thought spring brought the pollen. Anyway, I should have taken a pill earlier. I found these allergy pills that I usually only have to take one and then it’s the attack is gone.

I really dislike being sick. Well not sick, but just not feeling myself. Well, nothing deep tonight. Just feeling miserable.

4 thoughts on “Miserable

  1. I pray for you and me to be healed in Jesus name! He bore the stipes on his body to take away all that sin brought to us including every kind of sickness.

    For the first time ever I got a weepy eye that would not stop watering the other day,and now i’ve got a full blow sinus infection with chills 😦 All I can do is praise God and thank him for even giving me this day where I get to wear my “Jesus loves you” hoodie and walk proud of my heavenly daddy 🙂

    • How sweet! Thank you for your concern. I took my allergy pill and I feel so much better. It always does the trick. Must be powerful stuff. I can only take on in a 24 hr period. Thanks for the comment. 😉 Feel better. By his stripes we are already healed.

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