Getting Prepared

Recently, as I was contemplating some changes that I know are coming, I started to panic because I felt so unprepared. As I thought about it, it’s like God gave me a vision of accomplishing some goals before the year is out. Well on Sunday, I got an amazing confirmation through my Pastor. He shared prophetically that God wanted to do some major transformations in His people in these last three months of the year.

As I listened to the message, I was leaping on the inside. You know God does not need a long time to carry out His will and we don’t need a long time either. I purposed in my heart that before the year is out, I will be able to say that I have completed certain goals.

Sometimes the cares of life can hinder us from reaching our goals. Today is actually the anniversary of my father’s death. It’s been one year and honestly being His caregiver for so long took its toll on me, emotionally and physically and it seems like it’s taken a year just to recover. But now I am ready to sprint to the end of this year. I need to really prepare myself emotionally and physically for some major changes.

What would you like to do before the year is out? Take some time and meditate on what you want to do. It can be done, by God’s grace. You don’t have to wait until the new year. Now is the time. I will have a testimony by December 31st. How about you?

Genesis 26:12

New International Version (NIV)

12 Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the Lord blessed him.