Love Series: Stop Being Scary

I had to chuckle when I came up with the title of this blog post. I was thinking maybe if some man who was interested in me read this blog, he might feel scared and intimidated about meeting me. So I decided to entitle this post “stop being scary”.

I saw a post on Facebook, by one of my male friends and it was speaking of being so deep, you drown people. He was talking about how some people can’t have conversations without being “super spiritual”. Well I want you to know that is NOT me. This blog is only a part of me and it represents my spiritual thoughts, but it’s not all of me. If you ever heard me and my best friend talk on the phone, you would realize I am no different than everyone else.

I am a normal single woman. My friends and I may talk about how fine (handsome) we think someone is. And then there are those guilty pleasures, which I’m ashamed of and I can’t believe I am putting it out there, but yes, I watched Love and Hip Hop and Big Ang, lol. (keep me in prayers).

Yes, I have standards, but I am not a prude and I love to laugh and have fun. I am not in prayer 24 hours a day and I worry that my life is unbalanced, even with this prophetic walk and I am open to advice about that.

I do best with clear communication. If I don’t understand, I will ask, so cryptic codes messages don’t work well for me. If a man is a good communicator, we will get along just fine because like most women, I like to talk.

I was watching a sitcom yesterday evening about a married couple and all the wife wanted to do was spend the weekend with her husband, and all the husband wanted to do is get away from his wife and I thought “is that how men really feel?” I know it was just a TV show, but if that is what a husband is going to be like, I don’t want one. Now I would have said spend the day, but she wanted the weekend. lol

I guess what I am saying is, I’m don’t want to come across as scary because I’m not. I know how to have fun just like the next woman.

No scripture..this post speaks for itself. lol

I found this on YouTube the other day and I laughed so hard, I cried. If you have the time please listen, whether you are single or married.