Love Series: Don’t Assume

Often when you are single, men tend to think you are desperate. Well with me, nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is I am quite content being single and I am not trying to “lock” anyone down in marriage. The truth is, the thought of getting married “terrifies” me. Sorry for the strong word, but even at my age, I’m still not in a rush.

I still have more that I want to do. If there is one downside, it is that I am getting older. But I told the Lord recently, that I could make it alone, until His return, because I am content being alone. However I have this promise from God, so I believe I will marry.

I am not desperate and I’m not going to compromise my standards for any man. I am not interested in a man who plays with the hearts and minds of women. All players need not apply and if he is not in love with God, the Word, prayer and going to church, he might as well forget it.

I am willing to give anyone a chance because I know that God can change a man, but I have to see the change. I’ve seen it happen and that is the only reason I won’t rule anyone out.

Meanwhile, don’t assume I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting on a man. If he comes now, he might be surprised because I only want to go out on a few dates and be friends. I actually just want a friend right now. Nothing hot and heavy.

Just venting. *asyouwere* lol 😉