It Was Only a Test

I’m still marvelling over how God moved yesterday in church. There was one other thing that happened that really got my attention. My Pastor was ministering and he described a road that looked exactly like the picture to the right.

I was amazed as the pastor described this exact scene because I had just used this picture in another blog post ( speaking about moving. But today the Lord said “that was a test”. Now it had to be God because I do not test people. I tend to believe people because I’m not a liar and I presume that most people are being honest. But God spoke to me about moving to test the waters. But sadly someone failed the test.

I know I have spoken in riddles for sometime, but I will break it down so it will be very clear. The move I was considering was about the possibility of a relationship with a man. Yes, I put it out there!!! lol  But after a series of events, you’ll not hear me speak of the move again. If this is really the will of God it will come to pass without me moving on my own. Seem strange for me to say that? Don’t think it’s strange. It’s all about the progressive Will of God. You have to check your mailbox daily, because there may be a new memo. God never allowed me to move because he knew the other person on the other end “waiting” was not trust worthy. Yes, I am calling a spade a spade. Though God’s final plan may come to pass, the method by which that happens can change.

My mind recalls the dream about the snake in front of the door. When I decided to move toward the door, I saw the snake and went back home. That dream is manifesting because I am staying home and will never entertain moving again on my own. I was telling the Lord, the only way I would move is if Boaz backs a truck up to my door and moves me. Ladies, never move for a man. This was only a test by God.

Don’t think God will test you or someone connected to you? Remember Abraham. God told him to take his only son and sacrifice him. When he saw that Abraham was willing, God stopped him and provided another sacrifice. Another method. In my case, God was testing the motives of someone else and they failed. So the Father sent a new memo out and told me stay put. I knew it all along, but just cooperated with God. lol  Yes, it was only a test!

God will always give us the opportunity to cooperate with His will. Then we have a choice. We can follow the path we want to follow, trusting that He knows best, or we can do our own thing. Then after we have gone down the road we want to go, he will remind us of the opportunity we missed. Yes, it was only a test.

Genesis 22:1-2 New International Version (NIV)

Abraham Tested

22 Some time later God tested Abraham. He said to him, “Abraham!” “Here I am,” he replied. Then God said, “Take your son, your only son, whom you love—Isaac—and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on a mountain I will show you.”

48 thoughts on “It Was Only a Test

      • LOL And how God always loves us, and His love never fails, nor does His love ever leave us…when man rejects us, or we reject man, God is always there…the lighthouse in the midst of the storm on the darkest and most vociferous ocean…God is there evermore.

      • Oh sister, I didn’t think you felt rejected at all. I was just stating overall in life, in general, we reject and get rejected, yet our Lord is always there for us. 😉

      • It’s hard, anymore, to find a man who walks closely with God, and loves Him first; and then after loving God first, has a special place in his heart for us too. I want a man after God’s own heart! If not, I guess I’ll live to serve God.

      • You’re probably better off. In some ways, being alone is less stressful. You don’ thave to worry about disagreeing on something, you never have to pick up after anyone else, and you don’t have to worry about them doing something that might affect you, in turn affecting your relationship with the Father. Yes, having someone in your life definitely has its advantages…but God is really all we need…He is All in All!

      • I don’t mean to sound down on guys, because I know there are some good ones out there; but in all actuality, intimate relationships are distracting from the work God really has for us. As people, we tend to worry ourselves more with the relationship, and providing for the needs of it, then what we do God. We end up serving our partner, and ourselves, and put God on the backburner when He should be number one. If we truly give ourselves to him one hundred percent, He’ll take care of us better than any husband. I don’t mean, by the way, that God does not put certain people together, because He does. But those are the relationships that actually benefit God becuase the two people genuinely empower each other in Chrst…this is rare.

      • Of course sister. A time for everything (Ecclesiastes…for everything there is a season..) And a good song too! LOL Right now, obviously, God wants you alone…and when it’s time..Prince Charming will come and sweep you off of your feet! Until then, knock your socks off! ha ha ha!

      • I’m picturing the scene in Cinderella where the guy is trying the glass slipper on different people…he’s kneeling before the princess with a clothes-pin on his nose…. fanning his hand, “Oh dear God! Don’t let this be the one!” Oh geez, I’m getting stupid! I need to go eat something! Don’t you ever just have those dumb thoughts that make you laugh, but they’re probably really not funny? That’d be me right now!

      • Well honey, get that pedicure for sure! Good stinky stinky going fun-gi feet..sounds to me like you’re good to go! After all, you know that’s what men really go after..the feet! You’re not going to believe this one, but when I was younger, I worked for a Christian internet service. I was the pornography blocker…you don’t even want to know the conversation I had with the woman who didn’t speak English well.I said “Pornography FREE” and she thought I meant it was a Christian internet service that offered porno for free! LOL I was yelling loud, “NO! NO! NO pornography! Porn free woman!” She was like, “Oh! YOu terrible people! You call yourself Christian! I spit on you!” LOL Anyhow, back to the original story, I had people who subscribed to the internet service who would send me stuff that wasn’t blocked so I could block it. Anyhow, someone sent me a foot fetish was all pictures of nothing but feet; feet dressed up in bow ties (don’t ask how), feet with flip flops, feet in heels, feet with makeup on, feet with jewelry, feet holding a glass of name it, as long as it involved feet and no other body parts, it was there! And people subscribed to it! Now who on earth would want to sit around all day and glower over pictures of feet? Beyond me! Oh well, I guess if I were going to catch the man I was with in something, I’d prefer it to be pics of feet than I would the alternative; although I’d think he had some major problem going on.

      • OMG, you have to see this video! It is like heaven! Once you hit play, if your computer supports it, click ont he little spur at the bottom of the youtube screen (change quality) and watch it in 1080 p if you can…and blow the screen up to full screen! You will be absolutely amazed…sorry this doesn’t go with your post here..but this is awesome! It’s at the very top of the screen can’t miss it.

  1. “……….I was telling the Lord, the only way I would move is if Boaz backs a truck up to my door and moves me. Ladies, never move for a man………”
    I thought that Ruth moved first.

    I understand where you are coming from, relationships are risky business. I speak as a man who was betrayed after over 25 years marriage.
    Starting afresh at 56 is scary for a man. Thank God, he had an Esther hidden away for me. She knew it even though I didn’t. She also, surreptitiously, made the first move as she was led by the Lord.

      • Okay, now I am laughing but I will pray for you. Ok, look you are so right–God does test us but we also test ourselves. Back in late December..I prayed–I meditated…I talked to my mother and some other spiriutal counselors as well and seemed to get the green light to go ahead on venture with the last guy. Okay you know how it turned out…..and I am scratching my head thinking God…wt*, why would you go ahead and have me do something and then it turn out so bad (or so I thought). Well guess what I needed them lessons….I needed to to see the snake for what he was a snake…..but I would have never known if I didn’t move ahead with the plan that was before me at that time.

        Yoda (one of my favorites) says, “Always in motion is the future”. What this means is that yes maybe yesterday God said yes go on and move on your own–but then something has happened that you don’t know abot but God does so he says,hang on a minute–detour coming your way.

        It doesn’t mean you don’t get to your destination–No–it simply means there is another route to take. And just like your GPS says, “recalculating” so to does God’s Planning System, say “recalculating”. So in other words my dear–stay put until you get the new co-ordinates.

        They are coming. I hope that helps.

        peace and blessings to you



      • Wow Ivonne. You just cleared up all my confusion. I was over thinking it, but that is exactly what God is saying! Thank for that. I needed another confirmation that I heard right. Just took a walk and prayed and just got back in the house and there was the answer.

      • I’d much rather have the chocolate! LOL I have food I never eat anything but fresh fruit, fresh veggies, meat, brown with wild rice, and oat bran. Nothing else. No cheese. No sugar, except for what’s in fruit. Nothing to drink but water and black coffee. My dairy is unsweetened, unflavored coconut milk. God chocolate sounds soooo good!

      • My god, who needs sex and men when you can sit down and have yourself some chocolate…yum yum! LOL! God gave us chocolate..He gave man a woman (we’re his sweet stuff)…but He gave us women chocolate!

      • Instead of the fall of man being over an apple, I’m seeing an image in my mind of Adam chasing Eve with a club and Eve looking over her shoulder, running, with a big King Size Snicker bar in her hand….this was the forbidden fruit…chocolate. The only thing that could’ve been good enough to make them sin. LOL!!!! You know, nobody really knows what the forbidden fruit was…could’ve been some Godiva Chocolate’s growing wild on the trees, or Snicker’s bars..who knows! ha ha ha!

      • If you could only hear how LOUD I am laughing. I used to love Godiva!! Sadly I can’t eat it anymore. That was hilarious. I was picturing the whole thing. Thanks for the laugh Lyn. I needed that. lol

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