The Adder

Yesterday I blogged about the door or the method of God and when I reread my post, I realized that it’s still also about timing. It’s God’s timing and an open door.

Later that evening, I went to sleep and I had two dreams that brought me further clarity. In the first dream I could clearly see an adder (snake) in my back yard. The grass was kind of high, but I could see it very well. The dream was very brief, but I was startled awake. I was really concerned that there might be a snake in my yard. 😦 It was about 4 am.

Later that morning, I fell back asleep watching a show where this man was playing with the emotions of three women at the same time. While asleep, I dreamed that I had made up my mind I was going somewhere, with a friend and I could see the DOOR but as soon as I got close, I saw that same snake in front of the door. I turned around immediately and went back home.

Later when I got home, I saw this little boy about seven or eight years of age in my house, and I had knowledge that this little boy had died, but there he was, alive and well and in my house. He was a very bad little boy. He kept getting into things in my house and I kept having to reprimand him. I looked up and saw that he had gotten into some ointment that I had and had smeared it all over his mouth. I was trying to grab him and wipe the medicine away from his mouth, but he kept fighting me and he was trying to eat the ointment. Then later I saw this huge black dog that belonged to him.

There was another segment of the dream, but it doesn’t apply to this scenario. I know that God is showing me what’s been hindering the door from opening to me, which I already knew. I also think it was significant that I had the dream while I was trying to watch this man play three women at the same time. The adder represents someone who can’t be trusted and the boy represented immaturity. It’s seems this little bad boy had resurrected when at one time he was dead.

As I suspected the blockage has nothing to do with provision, or lack of it. Some doors are not open to us because there is more work to be done in the situation.

God protects us from entering and going some place where we can get hurt. I dislike snakes and will not go near them. God knows better than us, so we’d better stay put until all conditions are ready.

Genesis 3:1

New International Version (NIV)

The Fall

3:1a Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made.

NOTE: Tomorrow I will start sharing a series of blogs that the Lord laid on my heart to share, but I was dragging my feet. I must be obedient. Most will be reblogs and you will notice a theme. 🙂

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