Pop Culture: Message in a Movie

Film poster for The Heartbreak Kid - Copyright...

Film poster for The Heartbreak Kid – Copyright 2007, DreamWorks Pictures (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At first I was going to post this on my other blog (SAB Inspirations and More) but even though I am talking about a movie, it’s still in line with the prophetic.

The other day I sat down to watch a little television and when I turned on the TV, the station was on TBS and a movie called the Heartbreak Kid was showing. I couldn’t finish watching it all, so I recorded it and watched it later. My recording started mid-movie, but when I tuned in, this character named Eddie, had just gotten married and later I learned that he had only known the woman he married for six weeks. While on his honeymoon it became very clear that he made a mistake because he did not know the woman well enough to be married to her.

So while on his honeymoon, Eddie’s path cross with a woman name MIRANDA. Suddenly, while on his HONEYMOON, Eddie decides he has met his soul-mate in Miranda and he begins to see her on the side while his bride was nursing a sunburn back at their hotel room. Unaware that Eddie is married, Miranda begins to fall for him. Long story short, Eddie decides to tell his bride, while on the honeymoon, that he wants out of the marriage. Miranda finds out Eddie’s wife is not dead (that is what she was told) and it turns into a big mess.

Fast forward, Eddie has broken up with his wife and he stays behind on the island where he honeymooned. Eddie decides he is going to go get Miranda, so he goes to the state where she lives and this time she is married (lol). After a few attempts to get her anyway, He returns to the island to run a business and some time later Miranda (now divorced) decides to look for him while on vacation and she proposes that they get together.

When I first recorded the movie on the DVR, for some reason the end of the movie was cut off, so I had to record it again later that evening when it repeated. It was sort of like a cliff-hanger for me because I wanted to see the outcome of the Eddie/Miranda saga. It was clear to me that this movie had a message for me.

So with a fresh new recording of the movie recorded on my DVR, I fast forwarded to the end to see what happened and it left off with Miranda approaching Eddie and telling him she now understood what it was like to marry the wrong person and she decided to invite him to dinner and of course Eddie pleasantly surprised to see her, doesn’t hesitate to accept her invitation.

After Miranda rejoins her family on vacation, we see Eddie conversing with another woman who begins to talk about them being MARRIED for one year!!! LOL So again, Eddie, accepted a date even though he was married. In other words, when Miranda first met Eddie he was unavailable and when they reunited, he was unavailabe.

I got a message out of the movie. You see even though it appeared that Miranda had Eddies heart, she really didn’t. Yes, she got his attention, but he was never really available to her because he had a divided heart. When a woman really has a man heart, he will not be dealing with other women. With Eddie, there was always someone else in the picture. Clearly Eddie and Miranda were just not meant to be.

Of course the movie ended there and you never got to see what played out after that, but I laughed so hard because I knew God was telling me that sometimes a man may get tangled up with a “Miranda” in his life, but in the end it won’t work out because it’s not meant to be.

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