Wait For My Signal

September Rose

September Rose (Photo credit: Arlo Bates)

This is from my creative writings found under the Inspiration Monday Link. Just decided to post it for something a little different.

Wait For My Signal

This was the second time he showed up unexpectedly. She hated it. Didn’t he understand how important it was to let her know? Just showing up was not cool. Each time was a missed opportunity for her and she always wondered, would he show up again.

She couldn’t say it was a complete surprise. She had a dream he came and then he was gone. She woke up in a cold sweat. “Could it be?” she thought. And when she saw the note at her door she knew her dream had come true. Just like she dreamed. it.

They had been pen pals for a very long time, but had never met.  He decided to visit when she wasn’t home and he left a note that said he would come again next year. “Next year?” she thought. That seemed like a very long time from now. So much could happen. For some reason she felt violated. He was spying on her again. But why? Why not just call and say “when would you like to meet?” This way she could be prepared.

So much had happened in the last few years. She had lost some weight, but gained it all back and she knew she needed to work on herself. Now her father was in the nursing home and she would be able to totally focus. It has been a long haul, but she was finding herself once again.

She was sad because she was unable to get it together for a while now. And he was waiting. But she knew how impatient he was and wondered if he would ever return. As she read his note letting her know he had come and gone, she felt a twinge of doubt. And then deep sadness. If he had only let her know she would have told him wait till the end of September. Things will be better then.

She wrote him and asked him if he would come again.. she felt so exposed, so vulnerable. She didn’t know what the answer would be. “Dear friend, I didn’t know you were coming but I dreamed it. Please come again but this time wait for my signal please. By the end of September I promise I will be ready”.