He’s a Just God

God, the Father watches us all everywhere.

God, the Father watches us all everywhere. (Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)

This post is the result of years of pain and sometimes feeling as though God has forgotten me; but of course we know that is not true. If you’ve ever felt that way, all you need to do is stay faithful to God and be obedient and He will turn things around. He really will.

Have you ever felt as though what you were enduring was “unfair”, or that what you have given to others has been unbalanced. Well, I have, but it’s not about us. It’s really about obedience and being faithful to the plan of God. Sometimes it may seem difficult. But God knows all and see all and understand the purpose of the requirement.

But then when the situation switches around, oh the glory! You see God knows exactly what He is doing and His purpose is going to prevail as long as we walk in obedience. And once we have obeyed, oh the joy!!! He will restore all that has been lost in more ways then one. You see, He is a just God and sometimes when we have endured for a very long time, we forget about that.

So when you think God is unfair just remember what it means to be just….


  http://static.sfdict.com/dictstatic/d/g/speaker.swf [juhst]  Show IPA



guided by truth, reasonjustice, and fairness: We hope to bejust in our understanding of such difficult situations.

done or made according to principle; equitable; proper: a just reply.

based on right; rightful; lawful: a just claim.

in keeping with truth or fact; true; correct: a just analysis.

given or awarded rightly; deserved, as a sentence,punishment, or reward: a just penalty.

Lamentations 3:31-33

New King James Version (NKJV)

31 For the Lord will not cast off forever. 32 Though He causes grief, Yet He will show compassion.According to the multitude of His mercies. 33 For He does not afflict willingly, Nor grieve the children of men.