Get Your Popcorn Out and Watch

You're in the Movies

You’re in the Movies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a big movie buff. I go to a lot of movies (PG-13) with few exceptions. I enjoy a good movie and it’s the best activity to do alone. You really don’t need company because you are focused on what is going on, on the screen.

Recently, I was praying about a situation in my life, wondering what the outcome would be and I heard God say, “Get your popcorn out and just watch”. Now some of you might say God would never speak like this, but I knew it was God. He knows I love movies and He knows that I could relate to this statement. In other words, God was telling me that this situation that I was concerned about is going to play out just like a movie and all I need to do is observe it just like I do when I go to the movies.

So the next day I get on the phone with a friend and start sharing the situation. Sometimes I like to get a friends input or take on the matter. After I shared the story, I said to her “so what do you think?” And you’ll never guess what she said? She’s never used this phraseology EVER, so I knew God was speaking. My friend said “well if I were you, I would pull out my popcorn and just watch!!!” All I could do was laugh and tell her the words she had spoken, were exactly what God had said to me.

Sometimes things have to run their course. You don’t have to say anything and you don’t have to do anything. All you need to do is watch!

Jeremiah 29:11

New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

4 thoughts on “Get Your Popcorn Out and Watch

  1. I hear you! I was meditating on a situation that has been frustrating me for a long time. I heard the Lord speak to me, “This battle is not won with words.” After examining the situation again, I realized how true that statement was, so I must govern myself accordingly. I appreciate the way the Lord spoke to you and I am encouraged that I too can get some popcorn and watch God move!

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