Love series: Teach me to love

I was thinking about love and how we really have to learn how to love. And God is the only one who can teach us. We are all a product of what we have seen and observed especially from childhood. If you were blessed to have two parents that stayed together, like myself,  that becomes your example. Unfortunately a lot of our examples were dysfunctional.

First some people are naturally more loving I believe. They just take stuff no matter what. My mom was like that and I used to be like that. She internalized a lot of things and just kept on loving, but I believe it took her to an early grave. And watching her endure changed me. She died in her mid sixties. My grandmother however didn’t take a lot of junk and she lived to the ripe old age of 89. My mom suffered a lot of abuse in her marriage, but my grandmother, divorced her cheating husband when it was not popular and went it alone as a single mom. She did however remarry later and she got a gem of a husband who is the only grandfather I ever knew.

I watched my parents cold dysfunctional marriage and I realize that it has affected me and I got to thinking I’m not sure I know how to love, so I am asking God to teach me how to love. I think we can do that.

2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! [she cries. Then, realizing that Solomon has arrived and has heard her speech, she turns to him and adds] For your love is better than wine!


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