Lured by words of flattery

We must be careful of words of flattery! I remember not to long ago  I met a gentleman and instantly after talking to me for about 15 minutes he launched into flattering words about how pretty I was and how when I listened to him my eyes penetrated his soul and how he would make me a good man and how he would treat me well. Then he started talking about meeting his mom and how she would love me and how he could tell I’m a woman of substance.

Now I want to say he was on target in his assessment of me (LOL) but honestly who says all of that in a 30 minute conversation. I kept thinking this man didn’t even know me. Well he gave me his number and I called him and talked to him once, but honestly I was being lured in by words of flattery.

Be careful about words of flattery. Words from people claiming to know and love us when they haven’t even spent any time with us. Yes it makes you feel good. It made me feel good and I needed to hear that but honestly I knew I did not need to draw closer to that situation. God put a stop sign in the road and thank God I heeded it.

Some things are just a trap. They sound good, or look good or smell good, but actually it’s an occasion for the enemy to come into our lives and ensnare us further.

Beware of the trap of flattery even from Christians.

Proverbs 6:24:

24 To keep thee from the evil woman, from the flattery of the tongue of a strange woman.

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