Acknowledge God

Proverbs 3:6 says: In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

It’s important to acknowledge the Lord is your decisions. Often we don’t consult the Lord in our lives. I know most people feel they should be in control of their lives and often we don’t consult the Lord. That is not to say that we are robots who cannot make decisions on our own, but it is important to seek the Lord for his guidance since He sees all and knows all.

Here is a good example: I was considering an out of state move. Someone shared a dream with me and I thought it meant that I was supposed to move. I’ve been in a long difficult season and was looking forward to a change. But I am one that would never make any big move without consulting the Lord. So I took some days to fast. Fasting is a missing link in Christianity today. If you really want to know what God is saying, fast. Well I did just that and my answer came so clearly that there was no question.

God spoke to me through a sermon and it was so clear. The minister began to share how we often want to go to another place and that the place where we are is the place where what God promised will happen. That message let me know that right now I am right where I needed to be. The minister even named the city where I was considering moving. But God let me know it was not for me to make this move at this time. It was not my decision to make.

We always have to acknowledge Him. Because when we think we know and have the understanding of the next step we just might not have a clear understanding of what we need to do. Don’t assume, seek him and acknowledge him today.