Mary’s Dilemma

2GodKeepsHisPromisesYesterday in my devotions the Lord gave me the verse that says “hold your peace and let the Lord fight your battle”. Well I didn’t understand it until today. I just pretty much exploded in anger toward someone (not verbally, but online) but that didn’t make it any less lethal. I mean I was so angry I didn’t know what to do. Sadly, I failed to heed the warning.

As I thought about it, I never get that angry with anyone. Really the only person who could take me there was my Dad and he has been in heaven for almost 3 years and so I really don’t have anyone “pushing my buttons” that way until TODAY.

In the grand scheme of things, I am being harassed and persecuted because I heard God. Plain and simple. God spoke something to me. I didn’t ask Him for it, nor did I want it. God just said “this is my will for you”. And I have caught hell ever since.

I was thinking about Mary and how hard it must have been to have Joseph look at her as though she did something wrong, when all she did was get pregnant by the Holy Spirit. There was no sin, she didn’t make it up, she wasn’t having a hysterical pregnancy. She simply said to God “Be it unto me according to your Word” and it happened.

Some of you can identify with me. You are innocent of all of the hatred coming toward to. You are being treated like a villain, when all you did was say “yes” to God. Well hang in there. Your day of vindication is on its way.

Meanwhile, when persecuted, don’t react in the flesh like I did today. Try to keep a cool head and not let the enemy see you sweat (I’m talking about the devil). God will do exactly what he promised and it has NOTHING to do with you.

Today, I went to an 11am Bible study that I attend on Wednesday and at the end of the study the minister looked at me and said “God’s promise is going to happen, no matter what”. Enough said!

Numbers 23:19New International Version (NIV)

19 God is not human, that he should lie,
    not a human being, that he should change his mind.
Does he speak and then not act?
    Does he promise and not fulfill?

I’m Talking Vision Again!

the_endYes, it’s been a while since I talked about vision. But I am going to put it all out there. Vision is something given to you by God! You don’t choose it, but I have been labeled the “enemy of the state” because of something God gave me! I had nothing to do with it!! Sorry; you can insult me and persecute me, but I DID NOT CHOOSE THIS! God said it.

My flesh so wants to let this go!! In the natural I can’t see being open to this dream even if everything miraculously changed tomorrow and the reason is I have NO desire for it. The circumstance has become bitter in my mouth, yet God say’s the promise is still going to happen. He spoke through someones mouth THIS MORNING.

But guess what? Before God’s promise comes to pass, something must die and not only must it die (not talking about people dying), but it must be uprooted in a way that it can’t be replanted and that is what is currently happening.

Now God showed me in a series of dreams that certain things must take place before the promise. I see it happening now!!! It’s all a set up. Now wisdom dictates that I not share it, but the Lord did tell me this would be a repeat performance of something that happened in the past. if allowed to progress. Let’s just say it’s number 2.

I’m kind of excited. The prophet also told me to be patient. It must all play out! Finally, it’s going to come to an end. Oh it may look like a beginning, but it’s actually an ending. I will keep you posted!!!

new beginning

Lamentations 3:37 Amplified Bible (AMP)

37 Who is he who speaks and it comes to pass, if the Lord has not authorized and commanded it?

Isaiah 46:10-11Amplified Bible (AMP)

10 Declaring the end and the result from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure and purpose,

11 Calling a ravenous bird from the east—the man [Cyrus] who executes My counsel from a far country. Yes, I have spoken, and I will bring it to pass; I have purposed it, and I will do it.

Love Series: The Right Time to Awaken Love

loveI’m certainly not an expert on love. I don’t think any of us has all the answers. But I do know that love is a prerequisite for marriage. Yes, you absolutely should be in love with the person you marry, but that doesn’t mean you will always marry a person because you fall in love with them.

I love this scripture:

Song of Solomon 2:7 International Standard Version (ISV)

Swear to me, young women of Jerusalem,
    by the gazelles or by the does of the field,
that you won’t awaken or arouse love
    before its proper time![a]

I believe there is a proper time for love and falling in love at the wrong time can bring great hurt and pain, especially if you fall in love with someone who is not destined to be in your future.

I am learning about love and I truly believe that it’s not a good idea for a woman to proclaim her undying love for a man who has not expressed it first. Now this is just my little theory. You may fall in love, woo him and win him with your love, but in the end it may not turn out well for you because either he doesn’t feel the same way, or he is not the person for you.

There is a proper time for love! And that time is when God has done the matchmaking and brought those two people together and they have the time to get to know each other and fall in love.

I still believe in the old-fashioned way. Meet and get to know each other and fall in love. I know we live in the online age when people can skip the meeting part and fall in love online, and maybe it works for some, but God has his time and place and I trust Him with that area of my life.It’s hard to let go of the reigns of control and yield in this area. We think we know best, especially when we think WE have found the one.

I know this may seem presumptuous, but God has used me to see for others accurately in this area and I shared something God showed me about a mate with a friend and she REFUSES to accept it even though it’s been shown to her and God allowed me to interpret some dreams about this. Well guess what. She has some more yielding to do. But guess what? If we wait long enough and make enough mistakes we will learn the lesson of not arousing love before it’s proper time!

The Journey Home

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It’s been a while since I took the time to sit and write. We traveled to visit family this summer and returned with only one week before beginning the new school year. I’ve missed my time praying, pondering and waiting for the Lord to speak to my heart. I’ve been thinking of this post for a couple of weeks though. I hope you enjoy it.

Our journey to return home was not as we had anticipated. We hoped for light traffic. We wished for dry weather. Unfortunately, our expectations were shattered with the heaviest traffic we had ever experienced on a trip. When the traffic cleared, we were met with torrential downpours. It was slow going for much of the journey home but we stayed the course. We finished, even if it was a few hours later than we had planned.

God doesn’t always answer our prayers in our time…

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Buffeted by the Enemy

boxingThis morning I woke up from a dream in which the enemy was attacking me. It was not pleasant at all, but I kept fighting by “pleading the blood of Jesus”. Whenever I did this, the enemy would slow up, but then start up his relentless attack again. It felt terrible, but I continued to fight. Finally the dream ended.

Although the dream was not a good one and I actually physically felt the attack, the dream helped me to realize the reason I have been feeling the way that I have lately. I am being attacked. Often we as Christians forget that there is a devil and he does not like us. Yes, it’s good to not focus on that, but we should not forget.

As I pondered the dream, I could see that the devil hates me. He was playing dirty hitting me almost like with boxing gloves and his imps were not trying to stop. It’s not like someone who dislikes you, but rather, I could feel the hatred and let me tell you friends, that is how the devil feels about you as well.

I know now that I have to get on the offense and fight back. We can’t stay in defense mode. We must learn to fight back in the realm of the spirit.

I had been asking the Lord what was wrong and God showed me. It’s wasn’t pleasant but at least I received my answer. I am being buffeted by the enemy!

1 Peter 5:8New International Version (NIV)

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.